Dr. Mary Kay Ross has drawn on decades of personal “front line” experience in traditional medicine, functional medicine and her practitioner’s application of forward-looking science to create the Healing Brain Protocol. Dr. Ross has served as an ER physician, an early adopter of Functional Medicine via her Institute for Personalized Medicine, the CMO of Dr. Dale Bredesen’s MPI Cognition company, where her translation of his deep science into a multi-modal therapy has helped thousands, and her new clinic, the Brain Health and Research Institute (a partnership with the Institute for Systems Biology) where she has combined and refined the best elements of years of successful practice into The Healing Brain Protocol.

This Protocol unifies precise custom-fit diet and nutrition, advanced science with emphasis on DNA research, extensive blood testing results and analytics, and rigorous person to person interviews by BHRI’s Neuroscientists. We also require MRI analysis using the advanced NeuroReader software, a customized brain training suite from Brain HQ, uniquely fitted exercise regimen for each patient, a wide range of new technologies that develop a deep understanding of individual needs, mindfulness and, where appropriate traditional medicine. And we have the unique advantage of a twice monthly Brain Board meeting with key members of the BHRI staff and senior scientists from ISB, in an effort to deeply explore challenging aspects of BHRI patients metabolics and other needs, with emphasis on brain health and support research.

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