success stories

“Literally dozens of people have exclaimed ‘That’s the old M’, and ‘We’ve got our M back’. My wife and I are being asked over and over again how to learn more about your protocol. There is hope. There is real hope, and we hope more and more families become aware of your seemingly miraculous work.”

M., Los Angeles

“BHRI staff were great with my husband. He was very skeptical, but after almost four months we are seeing real progress. Now if we can avoid this Covid thing, he feels optimistic for the first time – and I do too. Thank you for your remarkable medical science and personal care.”

J., Seattle

“My father had been diagnosed with AD and for a year could not talk to the family, or recognize most of us. Your work with him gave him two years of engaged and happy interaction with us before he passed. From cancer at 87.”

J.L., Minnesota

“I was told by multiple doctors that my disease has no treatment options and to plan for total decline. Dr. Ross has proved otherwise. The protocol she is leading me through has changed my life. I am so grateful.”

B., Chicago

“You have given me my wife back. After over a year of not being able to speak, B and I ride our bikes, dance, swim, talk and enjoy our life together. Not perfect yet, but working on it via your protocol. What a gift.”

P., Virginia

“Thank you Mary Kay and Stephen, for teaching me so much about what the mind/body can aspire to, and for your sterling commitment to excellence. You will bring benefit to many!”


“You and Mary Kay Ross are the best there is. Thank you for always going over and beyond on medical testing, treatments and how much you care for your patients.I love you both!”

K., Atlanta

“The protocol is the best thing that has happened to me in the last 20 years – and I fully intend to stay on it! God bless you and Dr. Ross!”

J., Los Angeles

“Talking to the BHRI team every week has served to keep me on track.This is helping not only my wife to stabilize, but helping me to support her properly.”

C., Agusta

“For the first time in years I feel like I am getting my health back. God bless you!”

B., Texas

“I can finally have hope!”

MJ, Seattle

“I now have a place where I can get the valid information I need, not just for my brain health, but my overall health.”

S., Seattle

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