My neurologist says there is nothing that can be done. Why is BHRI confident that most patients get better?
Our experience is that roughly 80 percent of BHRI’s patients show measurable life enhancing progress in diminishing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias, including Traumatic Brain Injury and ALS. This over the last six years of utilizing the Healing Brain Protocol.
Why is BHRI so expensive?
The cost of first class well executed brain health treatment is high because there is an enormous amount of detail, research, time, a full team of experts and a uniquely deep commitment to your wellness at BHRI. We see other clinics in the U.S. charging much more than we do, without getting comparable results. BHRI urges patients to research their choices and beware of outdated science, poorly trained doctors or promises of “complete reversal”.
Are most patients’ women?
About 65 percent of our patients are female, which reflects the occurrence of Alzheimer’s and chronic dementias in the general population. Almost all patients come with their spouse or significant other, and our best results occur when partners are committed to working together.
Do you accept insurance?
Medicare and many insurances pay for several of our required tests. Our primary BHRI treatment is not covered by insurance.
When will the New York Clinic open?
We anticipate adding a second clinic in New York City by early 2021. Other cities will follow, with Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas and Chicago on our list.
Do you provide a diet guide? Cooking instructions?
BHRI has a revolutionary cooking instruction kitchen on the premises, with exceptional nutritionists helping to train patients in proper diet, recipes, cooking short cuts and nutrition objectives.
Can we meet your scientists?
Yes. Scientists from ISB are frequently visiting the BHRI offices, and we have group meeting with them to discuss aspects of recovery. We encourage patient participation.
Lots of claims regarding Alzheimer’s are on the internet. Who should we trust?
We say, “do your homework”! There are many programs floating around the internet of dubious value. And ads in newspapers for “breakthroughs” and the like. Our experience is that one should insist on IFM trained doctors, who have worked with physicians we hold in high regard. There should be constantly evolving science feeding their practice and a minimum of marketing hucksterism. Large clinic groups are suspect. Major hospital neurology departments are sometimes suspect, as they generally practice “old school” medicine, and rely of the largely useless but pervasive “standard of care”, i.e., Aricept or Namenda and draft your will.
I’m 83 and diagnosed with AD. Is it too late for me to get better?
Every potential patient has a completely unique set of facts, DNA, medical history and lifestyle challenges. It might not be too late for improvement but finishing BHRI’s battery of entrance tests will tell us, and you, what is likely. We have had success with a handful of older patients, but the age range for most effective treatment is 40 to 78 years of age.
What are the best books to read about Alzheimer’s? Has Dr. Ross written a book?
Dr. Ross recommends The End of Alzheimer’s by Dale Bredesen, and Dr. Terry Wahl’s The Wahl’s Protocol; Cooking for Life; as well as Brain Maker by Dr. David Perlmutter. Dr. Ross has started work on her book, which will not be published until 2021.
Can you recommend Doctors in other parts of the country?
BHRI does consult with physicians we hold in high regard across the U.S., regarding patients who need regional services, but we do not generally recommend other clinics because the Healing Brain Protocol is highly individual and requires doctors trained in its application for success.

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