PHASE 1: Begins with a concerned patient contacting BHRI by phone or email to discuss your individual situation, any self-observed issues, any physician diagnosed information (MCI, AD, other dementias) and general comprehensive health status.

PHASE 2: Once a patient has begun the BHRI process, is to execute a series of BHRI required tests that provide much deeper analytics surrounding that patients unique state of health. These tests are assigned after BHRI doctors have sufficient interview information to begin the gathering of a complete metabolic understanding of a patient’s needs.

PHASE 3: A two-day intake visit to the BHRI Clinic in Seattle, characterized by extensive person to person meetings with Dr. Ross and other physicians on the BHRI team. More testing may be required, and the Healy Brain Protocol will be adjusted as an individual “fit” for the needs of that particular patient. Diet, supplements, exercise, brain training, traditional medical help if needed, a detailed understanding of current brain status, prescriptions, and a year-long schedule of check-ups and meeting will be drafted. Problems of a challenging nature may need deeper scientific analysis, via ISB. PLEASE NOTE; For those who cannot travel, a virtual digital version of this extensive examination may be possible.

PHASE 4: Based on individual scheduling and needs, most patients will have between six and nine “check-ups” yearly with Dr. Ross and staff. BHRI will follow up weekly with all patients for the management and modification of the Protocol if warranted by events and patient progress. Only two of these “check-up” meeting will need to be in Seattle, at six and ten months respectively. Please be aware that BHRI will be constantly involved in a patients’ progress, and BHRI may ask for additional information or testing at any time. Patients are encouraged to stay in close contact with their assigned BHRI team member, or with any BHRI staff if they have questions or concerns.

PHASE 5: Generally, BHRI is able to chart serious medical and scientifically validated patient progress between six and nine months on the Healing Brain Protocol. In the case of Alzheimer’s Disease, this is seen as a demonstrable improvement in the symptomology of the disease. About 80% of the BHRI’s Alzheimer’s patients record measurable improvements in memory, executive function, language skills, attention to detail, a diminution in paranoia or anxiety, and other common Alzheimer’s symptoms. Many return to work, or a regular home life. The period between six and nine months is closely monitored by BHRI physicians, and staff.

PHASE 6: Toward the end of a first year on the Protocol, BHRI doctors and staff work with the patient to complete a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s progress, brain health status and remaining areas that require therapeutic attention, if any. Many patients have adapted the discipline of the Protocol to a sufficient degree that they can move forward with less BHRI support. For others, the support of BHRI continues as long as needed.

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