“Leave no stone unturned,” says Dr. Ross, “we need to go beyond what we know to be possible with every case.”

There are many theories, postulates, hunches, wobbly science trials and sheer guesses throughout our medical and popular culture, especially online, about the causes of Alzheimer’s and its putative “cures”. BHRI applauds and relies on many new discoveries from the world of responsible science but cautions our community about those who talk of cures or full reversion. There is currently no cure for AD. Full reversal may be possible, but we have examined over 6,000 “successful” cases (patients with measurable improvements) and never seen such a thing. As a Brain Health Institute devoted to substantial mitigation and dramatic reduction of the symptoms of AD, and other dementia, we are excited about the tremendous progress being made today in cutting-edge laboratories world-wide. Many of the more questionable “protocols” on offer have little or aging lab work behind their conclusions. Most do not participate in properly monitored clinical trials. This failure of substance worries us for patients everywhere.

If you feel worried about family members with any dementia-like symptoms or have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at any stage, please reach out. BHRI covers many chronic brain diseases in aggressive detail, with convincing results.

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