Kathy Stewart

Cognitive Nurse Case Manager
(206) 225-2227
[email protected]
Kathy Stewart, RN, BSC is a Cognitive Nurse Case Manager at Brain Health and Research Institute. Kathy knew early in her training that cognitive decline, elderly care, and supportive health were her passion. She has spent her professional nursing career spanning of over 30 years, learning the characteristics of aging involving physical and cognitive decline with related supportive measures. Kathy entered skilled and assisted living settings as an educator and administrator where diagnostic labels and their associated limitations do not deter her from successfully guiding her patients to overcome challenges and thrive through excellent care and guidance. Kathy’s accomplishments supporting thousands of patients with aging with cognitive challenges, lead her to document these many successes in a book she authored; “Moms Losing Her Memory, I’m Losing My Mind”. She additionally hosts caregiver support groups where she provides comfort and guidance for struggling families.

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