Experienced. Innovative. Determined. Meet the Leadership Team of the Brain Health & Research Institute

Mary Kay Ross, M.D., FACEP
Founder & CEO
Following an extensive career in trauma medicine, Dr. Ross served as the Chief Medical Officer of MPI Cognition, the firm credited with introducing multi-modal Alzheimer’s therapies to America.

While at MPI Cognition, Ross trained hundreds of physicians and helped to improve brain health and cognition for thousands of patients. Since 2010, Ross has owned and operated The Institute for Personalized Medicine, at which she established her leadership in the study of molds, toxins, fungi, and heavy metals as contributors to neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Kristine Lokken
Since the start of her career, Dr. Lokken has pursued her passion for helping people protect and restore their brain health. Her extensive background in clinical research, medical neuropsychology, and holistic wellness merged together to create the Brain Health Institute (BHI) with its mission to equip patients with the knowledge to achieve optimal brain health.

Dr. Lokken has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and has lectured extensively on brain health.  

Jeremy Whiting, D.O.
Brain Health Physician
Watching patients’ health decline due to factors ranging from exposure to toxins and allergens, hidden infections, inflammation, and the effects a typical American diet, Dr. Whiting decided “enough is enough.” He decided instead to harness the body’s amazing ability to heal itself once harmful substances are removed and the vital elements required to function at its best are plentiful.

Dr. Whiting brings to Brain Health & Research Institute his belief in searching for the root cause of a disease so that we can fix the underlying issue rather than mask the symptom with treatments that may result in side effects.

Stephen Ross
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Ross has a long history in the world of software, as a National Account Manager for evolving technologies that furthered communication between customers and manufacturers.

His 25-year involvement in medicine started when he became Head of Operations for the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad, with over 100 providers to manage. He also served as Treasurer for that organization.

For the last decade Stephen has built, managed and expanded cutting-edge Functional Medicine clinics in Georgia, and California with a 2,000-patient base.

Kerry Mills, Certified Health Coach
Patient Coordinator and Dementia Coach 
Ms. Mills has earned recognition in the field of Alzheimer’s care as a former New York Regional Manager for a pioneering group in the study and implementation of best care practices for people with dementia.

Throughout her career, Kerry has served in roles ranging from executive director of several Alzheimer facilities to lifestyle program developer for those afflicted with this disease to co-author and author of two books that offer greater understanding of how to manage the difficulties of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Kerry has appeared on PBS’ The News Hour with Paul Solman as well as CBS television with Dr. Max Gomez and is a frequent speaker at Leading Age conferences.