The Brain Health & Research Institute (BH&RI) is a new and revolutionary enterprise dedicated to the evaluation, prevention, and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, and ALS, among others. BH&RI will open its doors to patients in Seattle, WA—its first U.S. location and corporate headquarters—this September.

The uniquely-qualified medical team at BH&RI is led by Dr. Mary Kay Ross, the country’s foremost expert in the study of molds, toxins, fungi, and heavy metals as contributors to neurodegenerative diseases. Many of the BH&RI team members have worked under the direction of Dr. Ross for several years. As a result they share a wealth of combined knowledge and collaborative experience treating hundreds of patients living with Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, SCI, MCI, TBI, ALS, and the devastating host of crippling brain diagnoses that plague our nation and the world.

What makes BH&RI revolutionary is its belief, as an organization, that the efficacy of drug therapies alone is causing millions of families to suffer endlessly with seemingly no hope in sight.

Instead, Dr. Ross and the BH&RI team are committed to patient care and treatment that blends the multi-modal application of functional medical therapies and treatment protocols with advanced DNA analytics and computational biology. This commitment is what led Dr. Ross to partner with the Institute for Systems Biology and its world-renowned co-founder, Dr. Leroy Hood.

With this partnership, BH&RI delivers to its patients the combination of  America’s preeminent DNA scientists and genomic biologists and the leading edge of advanced brain health protocols deployed in medical practice today. Most important, the approach designed and implemented by BH&RI has demonstrated early clinical promise in the detection, slowing, and in some cases, reversal of neurodegenerative cases—an unheard of possibility just a few years ago.